Did your partner just share the news of an unplanned pregnancy? You may be in shock, overwhelmed, confused, or afraid of what the future holds. You are not in this alone. Our caring team at Care Net LVNM is here to walk with you in this unexpected season.

Find Support Yourself

Sometimes life happens and it can be hard to process all the emotions and realities that come with it. To be able to support your partner in the best way moving forward, you first need to process the news of an unplanned pregnancy yourself – even just for a day or so. 

Take time to process your emotions and questions with someone you trust. If you need extra support during this time, reach out to us today to get no-cost and confidential support. We can help you navigate the many pregnancy questions that come up with an unplanned pregnancy. 

How Do I Support My Partner?

Listen. This is the number one thing to keep in mind as you walk alongside your partner during this time. Being there for her may involve nothing more than listening to her, such as offering your help if she needs you to run errands, and knowing when she needs space as well.

Your support and listening ear will go a long way as she works through all her pregnancy decisions.

No-Cost & Confidential Support

Our caring team at Care Net LVNM is here to support you as you decide what’s next for you and your partner.

We provide no-cost pregnancy tests and ultrasound referrals to confirm your partner’s pregnancy and learn what your options are. It’s essential not to skip this step of the process if considering abortion, as certain abortions are only available at certain points of the pregnancy.

Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you in this journey. Men need support too.