What Is Adoption?

If you’re considering adoption, you probably have your questions and concerns. Though this option can seem overwhelming, it’s a great option if you know you’re not ready to parent. Motherhood looks different for every mother.

You could be thinking of adoption for reasons like…

  • You may not feel ready to raise a child
  • You want your child to be financially taken care of
  • You desire a stable living environment for your child to be raised in
  • You want two parents raising your child

Types Of Adoption Plans

Adoption comes with many different plan options. It has drastically improved over the years and parents have more of a say in the process.

As the birth mother, you can make a lot of the decisions, including what type of adoption you want. These adoption plans vary based on how much relationship and access you want with your child and the adoptive family, and vice versa.

Open Adoption

If you are looking for the most open relationship with your child and the adoptive family, open adoption is for you. With an open adoption, you and the adoptive family exchange identifying information including full names, addresses, and phone numbers. Each party will agree on the amount of communication you will have.

Closed Adoption

If life circumstances are difficult right now, closed adoption may be the adoption plan for you. Staying anonymous could be beneficial to your situation and your child. With closed adoption, there is no contact between the birth mom and the adoptive family. No identifying information is shared and everything is completely private.

Semi-Open Adoption

Still unsure of what type of adoption plan is for you? A semi-open adoption is a great option if you want a mix of open and closed adoption plans. In semi-open adoption, you remain anonymous but could also stay in contact with the adoptive family. Contact is done through a third party and likely the only identifying information shared are first names.

What’s Next?

We know how difficult this decision can seem, but you are not alone. Ultimately the final decision is yours but we are here to support you along the way.

Talk to our caring team at Care Net LVNM in a safe and confidential environment to determine what’s best for you. Schedule your no-cost appointment today to find out more about adoption.